Network Mobility goes Additive

Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve e.V.

Corporate Profil

Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve is a neu­tral net­work that deals with the pos­si­bi­li­ties of addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring (3D prin­ting). Our focus is on the chal­len­ges of the ground-based mobi­li­ty and logistics indus­try. Com­pa­nies and rese­arch insti­tu­ti­ons par­ti­ci­pa­te in the net­work with the the exchan­ge of expe­ri­ence. Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve crea­tes added value for our mem­bers by know-how trans­fer, trai­ning offers as well as joint inno­va­ti­on deve­lop­ments and rese­arch activi­ties with a strong user refe­rence.

To rep­re­sent the inte­rests of our mem­bers, we are orga­ni­zed as fol­lows:

executive board

Uwe Fresenborg

Uwe Fre­sen­borg in his posi­ti­on as CEO of DB Fahr­zeug­in­stand­hal­tung GmbH rep­res­ents the inte­rests of Deut­sche Bahn AG Group with more than 300,000 employees world­wi­de. Con­s­i­de­red from his side, the one of the users, the­re is a big inte­rest in having com­pon­ents avail­ab­le quick­ly. He sees the gre­at poten­ti­al of addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring par­ti­cu­lar­ly in spa­re parts manage­ment.

After gra­dua­ting as a mecha­ni­cal engi­neer with focus on aero­space tech­no­lo­gy in Bre­men, he gai­ned a lot of expe­ri­ence in the aeropace indus­try for 22 years, inclu­ding the topic of 3D prin­ting. As the initia­tor and chari­man of the Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve net­work his main con­cern is the pro­mo­ti­on of 3D prin­ting in the mobi­li­ty and logistics sec­tor and, along with strong part­ners, to esta­blish it as a tech­no­lo­gy for indus­tri­al seri­al pro­duc­tion.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Emmelmann
Vice Chairmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Emmel­mann is hea­ding the Insti­tu­te of Laser and Sys­tem Tech­no­lo­gies at Ham­burg Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­no­lo­gy sin­ce the year 2001. With his team of rese­ar­chers he is per­for­ming rese­arch and deve­lop­ment in the field of laser addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring, abla­ti­on, cut­ting and wel­ding as well as design and ana­ly­sis of laser com­pon­ents and sys­tems for auto­mo­ti­ve, shi­p­y­ard, air­craft, too­ling, poly­mer and medi­cal indus­try.

As an aut­hor of more than 400 natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal publi­ca­ti­ons, Prof. Emmel­mann foun­ded the LZN Laser Zen­trum Nord GmbH in 2009 as a spin-off of the TUHH and is mana­ging it sin­ce then.

The LZN trans­fers the latest rese­arch results from laser mate­ri­al pro­ces­sing in indus­tri­al app­li­ca­ti­ons and car­ri­es out rese­arch and deve­lop­ment pro­jects for lea­ding tech­no­lo­gy com­pa­nies such as Air­bus, Audi, BMW, Cloos, Daim­ler, Sie­mens, Trumpf and VW.

Jürgen Mues
Member of the board

Jür­gen Mues is on the board of manage­ment and head of asset manage­ment at SBB Car­go AG. The SBB Car­go with it’s 3000 employees, more than 6800 wagons and about 500 trac­tion vehi­cles trans­ports goods relia­ble and with hig­hest punc­tua­li­ty — and in addi­ti­on takes a lot of goods traf­fic off the road.

As a gra­dua­ted engi­neer for pro­duc­tion tech­no­lo­gy and with an Exe­cu­ti­ve MBA HSG in logistics manag­ment Jür­gen Mues rep­res­ents the net­works user side from ano­t­her ral­way company’s per­spec­tive. He moved to SBB Car­go in 2006 after an activi­ty as divi­si­on mana­ger for logistics and infor­ma­tics at Roche Con­su­mer Health Hol­ding GmbH.

Johannes Emmelheinz
Member of the board

Johan­nes Emmel­heinz  is CEO of Sie­mens Mobi­li­ty Custo­mer Ser­vices sin­ce 2014. After a stu­dy of bio­me­di­cal tech­no­lo­gy at Uni­ver­si­ty Gie­ßen he gai­ned expe­ri­ence in medi­cal and mobi­li­ty indus­try for over 30 years. 
“Addi­ti­ve Manu­fac­tu­ring (AM) is a decisi­ve step in inno­va­ti­on. In the ser­vice we are enab­led to have spa­re parts of small quan­ti­ties both cost-effec­tive and rapidly avail­ab­le for the ent­i­re life­time of the pro­duct . We are able to revo­lu­tio­ni­ze the logistics chains by prin­ting the spa­re parts just on-site. In addi­ti­on AM offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rapidly react with design cor­rec­tions to weak­nes­ses which were reco­gnis­ed in the cour­se of ope­ra­ti­on. 

Fazit: AM will lead to hig­her avai­la­bi­li­ty and lower total costs.”


Philip Janssen
cash auditor

Phi­lip Jans­sen leads the pro­duc­tion of DB Fahr­zeug­in­stand­hal­tung GmbH, the full-ser­vice pro­vi­der for main­ten­an­ce of rail vehi­cles with 13 loca­ti­ons and about 7500 employees. In his job dwell-times in work­shops are play­ing an important role and can be shor­ten­ed with the use of addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring by quicker pro­cu­re­ments of spa­re parts. The­re are also chan­ces for sin­king wareh­ou­se char­ges if com­pon­ents are pro­du­ced as necessa­ry.

With his back­ground as a for­mer manage­ment con­sul­tant and gra­dua­te in busi­ness admi­nis­tra­ti­on Phi­lip Jans­sen sup­ports the net­work in an advi­so­ry role.

Advisory Council

Steffen Kuhn
Advisory counsellor

Stef­fen Kuhn ist Dipl.- Ing. der Kunst­stoff­tech­nik. Nach frü­hen Sta­tio­nen im Auto­mo­ti­ve Sek­tor, bei z.B. TRW Auto­mo­ti­ve und im For­schungs­zen­trum des dama­li­gen Daim­ler­Chrys­ler Kon­zerns, war Herr Kuhn als bera­ten­der Inge­nieur im Hau­se DELO Indus­trie Kleb­stof­fe ange­stellt. Sein wei­te­rer Weg führ­te ihn über den Luft- & Raum­fahrt-Kon­zern PPG Aero­space und das deut­sche Fami­li­en­un­ter­neh­men WERIT Kunst­stoff­wer­ke, für fast 7 Jah­re (ab 2006) in die Selbst­stän­dig­keit. In die­ser Zeit war Herr Kuhn an der Grün­dung von meh­re­ren Start-Up-Unter­neh­men betei­ligt, meist in der Posi­ti­on des Tech­ni­schen Geschäfts­füh­rers.
Im Jahr 2013 wur­de Herrn Kuhn die Geschäfts­feld­ent­wick­lung der Seri­en Pro­duk­ti­on mit­tels Addi­ti­ver Fer­ti­gung, beim euro­pa­weit größ­ten 3D-Prin­ting Ser­vice Unter­neh­men Mate­ria­li­se, ange­bo­ten. Seit Janu­ar 2016 ist Herrn Kuhn dar­über hin­aus mit der Ent­wick­lung des Aero­nau­tik-Geschäf­tes in Deutsch­land, der Schweiz und bei Key Accounts in Öster­reich betraut.

Nikolai Zaepernik
Advisory counsellor

Niko­lai Zaeper­nick is respon­si­ble for the busi­ness in Cen­tral Euro­pe at EOS – the world mar­ket lea­der for indus­tri­al 3D prin­ting. He joi­ned EOS ear­ly 2011. Befo­re he worked for Sie­mens in various ope­ra­tio­nal func­tions for more than ten years, most recent­ly as head of stra­te­gy for the Divi­si­on ‘Dri­ve Tech­no­lo­gies’. During his time at Sie­mens he also mana­ged busi­ness in the ‘Moti­on Con­trol Solu­ti­ons’ and ‘Auto­mo­ti­ve Plant Engi­nee­ring’ area. The watch indus­try has been the star­ting point in his pro­fes­sio­nal life, working for Car­tier in Switz­er­land. Niko­lai is a mecha­ni­cal engi­neer and holds a MBA degree.

Dr. Andreas Leupold LL.M.
Advisory Counsellor

Dr. Andre­as Leu­pold is working as a lawy­er for com­pa­nies from all over the world for more than 20 years with the main focus in the legal are­as IT, new tech­no­lo­gies, data pro­tec­tion, media, licen­ses and indus­tri­al pro­per­ty rights. As a tri­al lawy­er in all ins­tan­ces for some very well-known com­pa­nies and groups of com­pa­nies, he has many years of legal prac­tice. He is listed in the Han­dels­blatt list of the best busi­ness lawy­ers and in the Best Lawy­ers Ger­ma­ny List for infor­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy and media law. In 2016, his law firm Leu­pold Legal was awar­ded with the “Glo­bal Law Experts – 3D Prin­ting Law Firm of the Year in Ger­ma­ny” Award and in 2017 it recei­ved the Cor­po­ra­te Intl Glo­bal Award “3D Prin­ting Sec­tor Law Firm of the Year Ger­ma­ny”.

For several years now, Dr. Leu­pold is working inten­si­ve­ly on deve­lop­ments in the field of addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring and the asso­cia­ted legal requi­re­ments for com­pa­nies. He gives lec­tures on indus­tri­al 3D prin­ting & law and runs in-hou­se work­shops for manage­ment and legal depart­ments in lar­ge com­pa­nies. He is aut­hor of the gui­de “3D Druck, Addi­ti­ve Fer­ti­gung und Rapid Manu­fac­tu­ring” published by Ver­lag Franz Ahlen, and edi­tor of the work for com­pa­nies “3D Prin­ting: Recht, Wirt­schaft und Tech­nik des indus­tri­el­len 3D-Drucks”, which will be released in sum­mer 2017 and in which aut­hors from indus­try and legal sci­en­ces dis­cuss the latest topics of 3D prin­ting for com­pa­nies. In addi­ti­on, Dr. Leu­pold, toge­ther with Judge Sil­ke Gloss­ner, is edi­tor of the munich lawyer’s gui­de for IT law published by C.H.Beck. Lawy­er Dr. Andre­as Leu­pold is foun­ding mem­ber and advi­so­ry coun­cil of Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve e.V.

Gero Corman
Advisory Counsellor

Gero Cor­man is respon­si­ble for 3D-Prin­tin­g/­Ad­di­ti­ve Manu­fac­tu­ring in the Group Digi­ta­li­za­ti­on of the 12 auto­mo­ti­ve brands of Volks­wa­gen AG.

He has a Bachelor/Master degree in Mecha­ni­cal Engi­nee­ring and Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­ti­on from RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­si­ty. Gero Cor­man spent time at UC Ber­ke­ley and was a visi­ting scho­l­ar at the Mas­sa­chu­setts Insti­tu­te of Tech­no­lo­gy. At MIT he con­duc­ted rese­arch in the field of ener­gy and resour­ce effi­ci­en­cy of Addi­ti­ve Manu­fac­tu­ring tech­no­lo­gies.

After gra­dua­ting, he joi­ned the Bos­ton Con­sul­ting Group whe­re he was a core mem­ber of BCG’s Ope­ra­ti­ons Cen­ter with a focus on Lean & Manu­fac­tu­ring. Later, he beca­me BCG topic expert for 3D-Prin­tin­g/AM.

Sin­ce the begin­ning of 2017, Gero Cor­man is part of the Digi­ta­li­za­ti­on team at the Volks­wa­gen Group. Working now on a stra­te­gic level, he still enjoys desi­gning and prin­ting ide­as with his 3D-prin­ter at home.

Klaus Roeser
Advisory Counsellor

For 24 years Klaus Roeser has been working for the Paul Scho­cke­möh­le group and sin­ce 2007 amongst others as mana­ging direc­tor with Paul Scho­cke­möh­le Logistics GmbH & Co.KG (PSL). In this time he has been respon­si­ble for deve­lo­ping PSL into a modern, midd­le sized logistics com­pa­ny sea­ted in the heart of the eco­no­mi­c­al­ly strong “Olden­bur­ger Müns­ter­land” in nor­thwest Ger­ma­ny. Dri­ven by a strong entre­pre­neu­ri­al approach, he is con­vin­ced about the impor­t­an­ce of spot­ting dis­rup­ti­ve poten­ti­als of 3D busi­ness models at an ear­ly sta­ge and to act accord­in­gly and decisi­ve. He is active in trans­fer­ring the 3D tech­no­lo­gy into the small and medi­um sized busi­ness sec­tor in eco­no­mi­c­al­ly strong rural are­as. Ever sin­ce he was a child and during mili­ta­ry ser­vice, bank appren­ti­ce­ship and his stu­dies in busi­ness admi­nis­tra­ti­on Klaus Roeser has been devo­ted to hor­ses; the­se days in his role as chef d’équipe he is a strong pil­lar of the suc­cess­ful Ger­man natio­nal dressa­ge team.