The leading international network for Additive Manufacturing in mobility and logistics

Mobility goes Additive e.V.

Our aims for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Coming along with industry 4.0 companies and research institutes have to face the challenges while the iron is hot. Shorter cycles of innovation, complex products, increasing variety and higher customer requirements as well as growing cost pressure demand economically meaningful solutions. Additive manufacturing is an important driver for structural change to industry 4.0. Compared to conventional industrial manufacturing processes 3D-printing technology enables the production of highly complex geometries and the integration of functionalities. The optimization of processes, shorter time-to-market with resources and the option to meet individual customer needs are the most convincing arguments for using this technology. But the process chain of additive manufacturing is quite complex. Expertise from different disciplines is necessary.

Our mission

The network Mobility goes Additive meets the many challenges by bundling the potentials as the central platform. Furthermore it supports the members competence development. An important target is the joint development of innovative products and information transfer to increase the shared knowledge. The identification of new businesses, building profitable relationships and exploration of new international markets help to expand the competition of the members.


We are the international leading network for Additive Manufacturing in the mobility and logistics branch. One of our focal points is on rapid manufacturing of spare parts.

Why a network?

3D printing is experiencing high attention and is known as the key technology of industry 4.0. But “to buy a printer and simply start to produce” as a strategy mostly fails.

Why? Printing machines for professional use require high investments and extensive knowledge of the user. Additionally legal framework has to be clarified before printing.

Companies starting additive manufacturing have to go through a long learning curve. We want to contribute to accelerate and offer contacts to experienced companies. Particularly interesting is the optimization of the supply chain by demand-orientated provision of spare parts. Against this backdrop rapid manufacturing of spare parts is one of the main objectives of our network.

Main objectives of the network
Mobility goes Additive e.V.

The network mobility goes additive (registered association) aims to support the serial production of parts by 3D-printing. This means to be able to realize and ensure the same quality level over long periods and using different machines.

Therefore technological and procedural solutions are needed as well as trained specialists, a digital supply chain and legal framework.


We focus on the production of (safety-relevant) spare parts whose approval procedure shall be standardized consistently. Specifically the following topics are advanced:

  • approval of safety-relevant parts
  • derived definition of standards
  • warranty law, product safety and liability

Soft Skills / Education / Knowhow

The 3D-printing sector is growing so fast in the moment and in future that well trained staff is not available in the amount needed. Furthermore the design for additive manufacturing is specific and fits other needs than the previous construction rules. Our activities include the following work packages:

  • education & training
  • course of study 3D-printing / additive manufacturing
  • identify printable parts systematically

3d printing in supply chain

Production costs in conventional and additive manufacturing cannot easily be compared. Additive manufacturing pays on taking all factors of total cost of ownership und the need of enhanced efficiency. Thats why we advance the following  topics:

  • total Costs of Ownership Model
  • industrialization of assets / efficient use
  • reduction of materialcosts by fair purchase-prices / transfer in a procurement cooperation

International legal framework

Printing of (spare) parts involve clarifications of legal frameworks. Especially if a company sends print jobs within the company or externally around the world. International warranty law covered by contracts has to be set. We would like to support the legal framework with following topics:

  • legal significance of technical norms
  • contract design
  • process landscape Additive Manufacturing with regard to legal frameworks
  • IT-Security