Network News 07/2018: Annual Meeting 2018 — book a place now!

Dear Mem­bers, Dear Com­mu­ni­ty

like the cur­rent sum­mer, the pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for our Annu­al Mee­ting 2018 are now ent­e­ring the hot pha­se. The­re­fo­re, we use this news­let­ter to pro­vi­de you with the rele­vant infor­ma­ti­on on sche­du­le, boo­king and hotels in good time.
In addi­ti­on, the­re is infor­ma­ti­on on the new­ly laun­ched Mate­ri­als working group and news from the association’s office.

Cur­rent over­view of mem­bers: A click on the logos leads you direct­ly to the respec­tive com­pa­ny home­pages.


09.00 — 10.30
Gene­ral Mee­ting

11.00 — Open End
Annu­al Mee­ting 2018

Im Mari­en­park, Ber­li


General Meeting

At the gene­ral mee­ting the­re is a cur­rent report of our board, the office and the cash audi­tor. Toge­ther we dis­cuss the sta­te of work and the future ori­en­ta­ti­on of our net­work. This also inclu­des the re-elec­tion of the Exe­cu­ti­ve Board and the finan­ci­al report.

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Annual Meeting 2018

For tho­se who stay — it’s worth it! Becau­se the­re is a lot offe­red!
The fol­lo­wing is an open and exci­ting pro­gram with many oppor­tu­nities to net­work and get to know our new mem­bers.

We track all atten­de­es about the net­work topics and suc­ces­ses. The working group lea­ders pre­sent their results and are open for dis­cus­sion.

What’s the news? That”s what repor­ted by our speakers from various indus­tries:

  • Chris­toph Han­sen, Sau­ber Engi­nee­ring / For­mu­la 1 racing team
  • Prof. Dr. Sabi­na Jeschke, Chief Tech­no­lo­gy and Digi­tiza­ti­on Offi­cer DB AG
  • Sta­te Secreta­ry Rickerts, Sena­te Ber­lin, with his visi­on of a 3D prin­ting capi­tal

And you will be the­re when Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve opens the new pre­mi­ses of its office in the Ber­lin 3D Prin­ting Hub!

Atten­ti­on — for the Annu­al Mee­ting: First come, first ser­ve!
Secu­re your place ear­ly via the boo­king page.

event page
An over­view of the event with cur­rent agen­da, the offers men­tio­ned below as well as impres­si­ons of our last events.

boo­king page
For quick deci­si­on-makers, go direct­ly to the boo­king page.

Arri­val by train
As in pre­vious years, Deut­sche Bahn is once again offe­ring an event ticket. If you are inte­rested in an easy and envi­ron­ment­al­ly fri­end­ly jour­ney by train, you will find infor­ma­ti­on and a link to the fixed pri­ce boo­king on the event page.

In Sep­tem­ber it’s fair time in Ber­lin.
We have thus agreed a con­tin­gent with two well-loca­ted hotels. The rooms in the Grimm’s Hotel am Pots­da­mer Platz and in the Stei­gen­ber­ger Hotel am Kanz­ler­amt (Ber­lin main sta­ti­on) are reser­ved until mid-August and can be boo­ked at a fixed pri­ce using the call form on the event page.


EU Par­lia­ment wants to face legal chal­len­ges of 3D prin­ting with new legis­la­ti­on

The Euro­pean Par­lia­ment has recent­ly adop­ted a deci­si­on on 3D prin­ting and the chal­len­ges it poses to intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty and civil lia­bi­li­ty and published a report on this (2017/2007(INI)).
More about this from our advi­so­ry coun­cellor Dr. Andre­as Leu­pold LL.M under the fol­lo­wing link.

Our Legal Frame­works working group will also be dealing with this topic on 20.09.2018. If you are inte­rested in working with us, plea­se con­tact us!


On July 9, 2018, the kick-off mee­ting of our new Mate­ri­als working group took place above the roofs of the city at Berlin’s main sta­ti­on. We would like to thank ever­yo­ne who made this start a suc­cess. Deri­ved from the par­ti­ci­pants’ are­as of inte­rest, the event initi­al­ly iden­ti­fied six focus groups with the fol­lo­wing working tit­les:

  • High Per­for­mance Poly­mers
  • Elas­to­mer Priniting
  • metal deve­lop­ment
  • Spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on, Qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on, Gui­de­li­nes
  • Mar­ket Needs
  • Tes­ting Method Stan­dards

The­re will be a sta­tus report at the Annu­al Mee­ting 2018.

Lead: Dr. Tina Schling­mann, Deut­sche Bahn AG

fur­t­her working group dates

Edu­ca­ti­on 08.08.18 in Ber­lin
Lead: Olaf Stein­mei­er, Fraun­ho­fer IAPT

Appro­val 21.08.18 in Ber­lin
Lead: Maxi­mi­li­an Kun­kel, Sie­mens AG

Digi­ta­le Sup­ply Chain & IT mid-August, vote in pro­gress
Lead: Stef­fen Kuhn, EOS GmbH

Legal Frame­works 20.09.18 Con­fe­rence Call
Lead: Dr. Andre­as Leu­pold, Leu­pold Legal

Chan­ge Manage­ment in Sep­tem­ber
Lead: Oli­ver Cyna­mon, FIT AG

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within the network

finan­ci­al audit

Our books were audi­ted in detail by the tax office in July for the first time and pas­sed in all respects the cri­ti­cal scru­ti­ny of the audi­tors.
Thanks to Frie­da Gripp, our finan­ci­al expert, for the gre­at work!

lawy­er for the net­work

We were also able to secu­re the legal sup­port of Mr. Ste­fan Nau from the Ber­lin law firm SEGELKEN & SUCHOPAR for the future.

further dates

insi­de the net­work


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18 — 23.09.2018 — Bet­ween 18 and 21 Sep­tem­ber, hund­reds of exhi­bi­tors will once again be pre­sen­ting them­sel­ves to tra­de visi­tors at Inno­Trans, the lea­ding tra­de fair for trans­port tech­no­lo­gy, in all 41 halls and on the ent­i­re open-air exhi­bi­ti­on grounds of the Mes­se Ber­lin. On the fol­lo­wing two days it will open up to a lar­ger audi­ence.
[Die­ser Abschnitt ist nur für ein­ge­logg­te Mit­glie­der sicht­bar / This sec­tion is only visi­ble for log­ged in mem­bers]

16. — 18.10.2018 — IN(3D)USTRY  in Bar­ce­lo­na. Our net­work sup­ports the third edi­ti­on of the lar­gest tra­de fair for addi­ti­ve manu­fac­tu­ring in the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an regi­on as a part­ner. Our mem­bers recei­ve spe­cial con­di­ti­ons for this. If you are inte­rested, plea­se con­tact Ste­fa­nie Brick­we­de.

We would also be hap­py to draw atten­ti­on to your spe­cial events. Plea­se con­tact our Team for more infor­ma­ti­on. We are loo­king for­ward to see­ing you again soon, may­be at one of the events, and we will be broad­cas­ting until then.

Best regards, your
Mobi­li­ty goes Addi­ti­ve Orga-Team



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