New e-keynote series: Additive Inspirations

A virtual teaser to the MGA Annual Meeting 2020

After the Corona shutdown, digital technologies are in greater demand than ever before: aviation and automotive markets have suffered severely from the crisis, new jobs for 3D printing machines have to be identified to fill capacities, while operators try to compensate for supply bottlenecks with 3D printing. Additive Manufacturing is in search of new impulses for its market.

To sweeten the wait time to our MGA Annual Meeting 2020 (6 – 7 October  2020, Berlin) and to use it effectively, we have started Additive Inspirations end of June, a new series of virtual keynotes once a month around lunchtime. In exciting presentations, we will highlight recent practical examples and give impulses as to the segments in which Additive Manufacturing can apply and expand its potential.